Sunday, February 27, 2011


I didn't know whether to post this or not.

Seals always come into the beach here in Hatteras during the winter.
They usually come in to rest and sun them selves I guess...
The last time I was able to photograph one I was still using film...

I took Jackson with me out to the point at sunset and there was one hangin' on the beach.
He looked to be dead at first but then after a while he/she lifted it's head.
So I was excited to get some photos.
It didn't even move when I walked over to it.
Once I started shooting he/she started to check me out.
The more I shot the more I noticed something wasn't right.
I am not going to speculate how it got injured.

I felt really bad for the poor guy/girl..
I melted when Jackson came up to me and said that he prayed for the seal.

Was cool to be able to photograph a seal, just not under these conditions.

That's why I still don't know if I should post..

But I am anyway...

Sorry if it offends anyone.

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